About NAAD

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”
— Aldous Huxley

What is Naad

The Cosmic Sound is the essence of all sounds. It creates perfect balance with the 5 elements of the universe: earth, fire, air, water & sky. For an individual to merge with the universal consciousness through the medium of music, he/she must speak to the universe using the language of NAAD, and this will connect her/him with the eternal universe. It is the magic created by this very art that people of different nations and backgrounds are able to communicate, understand and connect with each other in a beautiful way.
 Naad tunes our minds and opens our hearts to the very infinite depth of our souls.  Infinity, as Naad, has no limits and has divine power in it; hence once you get in touch with the power of Naad, you will immediately begin to understand the divine power of the universe. Or let us just say “Naad is the Musical Language of the Universe”.

Mission Statement

  • Raise the consciousness of human beings through the medium of Music and dance.
  • Create harmony and interest in the community.
  • Inspire people to become an artist of tomorrow, to put knowledge into action, and help to create world peace through music and art.
  • Is dedicated to preserve and promote the musical culture, traditions and heritage of the world.
  • To hand over the treasure of music to coming generations.
  • Protects our youth from drugs and crime.
  • Creates a musical environment .
  • Creates and enhances musical awareness.
  • Enhances empathy and understanding of differences.
  • Helps to create open mind.
  • Brings families and different cultures together.
  • Promotes unity of the human race.

Artists in Panel

  • Mr. Raghav Raj Bhatt (Kathak Dance / Choreographer)
  • Dr. Bruce Harding (Guitar, Flute -Western/Indian)
  • Mrs. Mangala Bhatt (Kathak Dance / Choreographer)
  • Mr. Oldrich Zitek (Saxophone, Clarinet)
  • Mr. Amarjeet Singh (Tabla)
  • Mr. Gagandeep Singh (Vocal)
  • Mr. Coach Sandhu (Guitar)
  • Mr. Baljit Singh (Sarangi, Dilruba, Esraj, Tar Sehnayi)
  • Mr. Layton Peck (Guitar Lessons)
  • Vidya (Vidya-Veena)

Member of the Advisory Committee

  • Mr. Upkar S. Mann
  • Mrs. Mangala Raghav Raj Bhatt
  • Dr. Bruce & Cheryal Harding
  • Mr. Manjinder S. Suri
  • Mr. Sam & Judy Paras
  • Dr. Rishi Singh
  • Mr. Daljit S. Matharu
  • Mr. Prabhjot S. Minhas
  • Mr. Didar Singh
  • Mr. Balwant Singh
  • Mr. Surinder Khaira
  • Mrs. Surjeet Kaur
  • Mr. Harjeet S.
  • Mr. Jagpreet Singh

Artistic Directors

Amarjeet Singh & Gagandeep Singh